St Mary’s Brownedge Festival

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Brownedge Festival 2018.  St Mary’s Church 5th-11th May

Please come along to one or more of the events and bring friends to visit our beautiful Church.

It is a festival of art and music, of flowers and beauty, of wonder and awe, of community and faith.  A celebration of beauty in life, there is something for everyone to experience and to be uplifted in heart and soul.

Pope Benedict XVI said the following about the “via pulchritudinis” or  the “way of beauty”, as a gift to lead us deeper:

“It may have happened on some occasion that you paused before a sculpture, a picture, a few verses of a poem or a piece of music that you found deeply moving, that gave you a sense of joy, a clear perception, that is, that what you beheld was not only matter, a piece of marble or bronze, a painted canvas, a collection of letters or an accumulation of sounds, but something greater, something that “speaks”, that can touch the heart, communicate a message, uplift the mind.

A work of art is a product of the creative capacity of the human being who in questioning visible reality, seeks to discover its deep meaning and to communicate it through the language of forms, colour and sound. Art is able to manifest and make visible the human need to surpass the visible, it expresses the thirst and the quest for the infinite.

Indeed it resembles a door open on to the infinite, on to a beauty and a truth that go beyond the daily routine. And a work of art can open the eyes of the mind and of the heart, impelling us upward.

However some artistic expressions are real highways to God, the supreme Beauty; indeed, they help us to grow in our relationship with him, in prayer. These are works that were born from faith and express faith. We can see an example of this when we visit a Gothic cathedral: we are enraptured by the vertical lines that soar skywards and uplift our gaze and our spirit, while at the same time we feel small yet long for fullness….

Or when we enter a Romanesque church we are spontaneously prompted to meditate and to pray. We perceive that these splendid buildings contain, as it were, the faith of generations. Or when we listen to a piece of sacred music that plucks at our heartstrings, our mind, as it were, expands and turns naturally to God”.  (Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience at Castel Gandolfo, 31 August 2011.)

Come and visit St Mary’s Brownedge during the Festival and take time out pause, reflect, perhaps light a candle and reflect on the wonder of life.

Monday – Friday open 1 pm – 5 pm & 6.30 pm to end of evening event

Throughout the week: “PAINT TO THE BEAT” Put on some headphones, listen to the music and paint what you hear!

Calendar of Events

Saturday 5th May Open 2 pm – 5 pm

2.30 pm Official opening & presentation of awards by the Mayor of South Ribble Councillor Mick Titherington

Sunday 6th May Open 1 pm – 5 pm and after the Evening Mass

2.30 pm FILM – “CATHOLICISM”  First episode of series of programmes presenting the Catholic in beautiful images presented by Bishop Robert Barron.


Monday 7th May: 

7.30 pm BILL BRIERLEY More about the local boys in the Great War in 1918

Tuesday 8th May: 

7.30 pm FR COLIN & FRIENDS & Singers from Brownedge St Mary’s High School

Wednesday 9th May: 

2 pm The choir of the children of St Mary’s & St Benedict’s Primary School

7.30 pm SEARCHING FOR MATTHEW A one act play about a local girl who went to France in search of the grave of her brother missing in action in the Great War

Thursday 10th May: 

2 pm The choir & band of the children of Severn Drive Primary School


Friday 11th May: 

7.30 pm MUSIC FROM THE TIME OF THE GREAT WAR The Last Night of Festival with The Company of Voyces

Saturday 12th May

Open 1 pm – 5 pm for collection of exhibits ONLY


Onsite parking is available; light refreshment is provided throughout viewing hours; Disabled access to all events and exhibitions; wheelchair available on site.

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