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Why Remain Catholic (with so much scandal)?

Bishop Robert Barron addresses some of the recent scandals in the Church but insists that it the truth of the gospel lies withing the Church and we should remain and promote the good.

Posted By: Fr Mark

Explaining the Mass

Bishop Robert Barron gives a short explanation of what the Catholic Mass is all about. He focuses on two particular ideas: (i) the Mass is a personal encounter with Jesus; (ii) The Mass is the truest and purest form of "play".

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Priestly Celibacy

Bishop Robert Barron discusses why priests are called to remain celibate.

Posted By: Fr Mark

Pentecost Novena

A way to help us pray the Great Novena of the nine days between the Ascension of Our Lord and the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
The further days can be found by opening the link in YouTube or going to our news item in the News / Blog section of the website.

Posted By: Fr Mark

Fr Robert Barron speaking to employees of Google about how faith opens the mind.

Bishop Barron's talk at the Google headquarters (Googleplex) in Mountain View, CA on March 20, 2018. He addressed a room full of Google and YouTube employees on how religion doesn't shut down the questing intellect, but in fact opens up our minds, causing us to seek the fulfilment of our deepest longings. These yearnings won't be satisfied by wealth, pleasure, power, or honour, but only by the God who wired us to be satisfied in him.

Posted By: Fr Mark

Fr Mark Harold as Vice Rector at the English College in Rome

Our Parish Priest, in his former role as the Vice Rector of the English College in Rome; Fr Mark gives viewers of EWTN a guided tour around the College in 2012 on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of its foundation as a Pilgrim Hospice.

Posted By: Fr Mark

Fr Colin Battell OSB

Fr Colin discusses his ministry, reflecting especially on his time in Ethiopia and the work of the Charity, "Partners for Change".

Posted By: Fr Mark

St Benedict on the Best Way to Conquer Pride

Bishop Robert Barron visits the monastery of Monte Cassino where St Benedict is buried. He reflects on how Benedict taught how to use humility to conquer pride.

Posted By: Fr Mark Harold

Bishop Barron on Silence and the Meaning of the Mass

We are all called to active participation in the Mass. Bishop Barron explores how this does not mean always having to be doing something or saying something but rather, it also means actively participating in silence and stillness. In a world of noise and bustle, the Mass at some points provides active engagement with God by simply being present. "The Mass is not just a religiously themed jamboree"; it is a place of Divine encounter.

Posted By: Fr Mark Harold

The Holy Rosary

A brief history on the holy Rosary and its holy meaning.

Posted By: Tom

Bishop Barron on Kathy Griffin and the Vanishing of Argument

I would like to situate what Kathy Griffin did in a wider context, for it is but a particularly brutal example of what is taking place throughout our society, especially on university campuses, namely, a deterioration of rational argument. Watch more at http:/!

Posted By: Fr Mark Harold

Christmas Video Review

Fr Mark speaks about some the highlights of the Christmas and Advent seasons in our parish.

Posted By: Fr Mark

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