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How long does it take to become a priest?

It generally takes 6 or 7 years training before someone can be ordained as a priest.

If I go to the Christmas Vigil Mass this Sunday (24 Dec) does it count for going to Mass on Sunday and Christmas Day?

No.  The Vigil Mass for Christmas fulfils your obligation for going to Mass on Christmas Day.  We are also expected to go to Mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent.

Thus, go to one Mass on Saturday night (23 Dec) or Sunday morning (24 Dec) and one Mass on Sunday night (24 Dec) or Monday morning (25 Dec).  It’s worth it – after all it is Christ-MASS!

What's your favourite Christmas Carol?

Mark the Harold Angels Sing! lol 🙂  Only joking but it is a good one!

Actually, I like so many of them but especially Away in a Manger sung by the children.

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